Emi/Carrie Adopted!
At only 7 weeks of age, Carrie was taken to Animal Control to be destroyed, along with her three siblings, one of whom didn't survive. On May 28, JCN was able to intervene, thanks to a new partnership program in which we help to rescue surrendered kittens. Carrie along with her sister Caylee and brother Christopher , were suffering from diarrhea and malnutrition, but have since made a full recovery. Carrie is a beautiful and loving kitten, who is very playful, but also enjoys a good cuddle.  Carrie was adopted in the Tokyo area on January 23, 2011, after staying in a foster home in Tokyo. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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1/29/11 - Just wanted to write a little update now that we've had the babies for a week. We spent a few days getting to know them and changed their names to fit them, Carrie is now Emi which means 'blessed with beauty'. Angelo was a bit tougher but we decided on Kiyoshi which means 'quiet child'. Emi is doing wonderful, we can't sit down without having her join us on our laps and she's even letting the boys hold her now and again. Every night she's my little heater in bed and is the first to bring me a toy to play with her. Kiyoshi took a bit longer to come out of hiding. He's such a sweetheart with my husband and myself, following us around (he likes to wrap himself around our legs!) and sleeping with us at night. During the day he's still a bit leary of the kids, the ones on 4 legs (the twins) he doesn't mind because he figured out they can't move all that fast, but those 2 legged ones (the 4 and 3 yr old), they are just a bit too loud and fast for his liking. But he is warming up, he'll come out and join us while they're around, he just isn't too keen on them approaching him yet.
 I've attached some pictures with Emi and Kiyoshi with the family and in their favorite sleeping spots.

1/24/11 - They are utilizing the litter pan just fine (and no evidence of upset tummies which I was concerned could happen). As the day wore on they were both more then happy to be petted while in hiding (even from the children) with Angelo purring up a storm and Carrie coming out to greet us a couple of times, so the fact that they are allowing us to approach them gives me hope that this will pass. They are both getting a bit braver (now that it's bed time for the kids) and walking around exploring a touch, Carrie even sat on my lap for a bit! I'm hoping that we can get some nice pictures for you all by this weekend.