Chobi  Adopted!
Chobi was found by one of our volunteers on May 31, 2009. She had been abandoned in a cardboard box near a dumpster, at only about 2 weeks of age. Having coped with some digestive problems for a while, she's improved, and is now doing better. Chobi is a very friendly and playful kitten, that gets along well with other cats. She was adopted in Nagoya on September 19. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.
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12/12/10 - They seem to be very happy. Joi likes my heater and sits on the bed all day so it can blow on her.  She also sleeps under the covers with me.  While Chobi still gets up at 5 and 6 in the morning and decides she must wake me up as well. Joi caught a cold and hated taking her medicine, (I have a few scars on my hands to prove it) but she's all better now.  And Chobi is still terribly active and affectionate.  Did I tell you she has a ball she likes for me to throw so she can go and fetch it?  She's very much like a dog.

10/17 -  They are both doing fine though, settled into routine and everything.  Reeking havoc on all of my furniture, lol.  I've not changed Chobi's name, she knows what it is and comes when shes called so . . .Both still wake me up in the morning.  Haven't taken any pictures recently but I will soon!

9/19 - Here is an update for you!  Both cats are doing fine.  They have already picked out their favorite places in the house.  Joi enjoys under the bed (however, she does come out frequently, that's just where she chooses to sit) and Chobi enjoys sitting wherever my lap is.  I can't sit down for more than 2 minutes without finding her in it!
Anyway, both cats are doing great. Both have used the litter box (and not anywhere else in the house).  They do not seem to be very hungry, however, they found my cat treats earlier and tried to open them.  We will see how it goes tomorrow!
Also, their favorite toy seems to be that 100 yen cardboard scratcher I got.  Both of them roll around on it.  Attached are some pictures for you!
Recent photos of Chobi....she's put on some weight, and is looking healthier!


Chobi on the inside, looking out.         Her cage with super-soft new blanket, hot water bottle, and loft bed.                                  Chobi nursing a blanket--her comfort activity of choice!


Chobi, feeling lots better...She can't join the kittens in the enclosure yet, but we went outside in the sunshine today for a little fresh air and play


Chobi, af
ter returning from the clinic...She loves a snuggle and a soft blanket!

Chobi, after her morning drip and before we left for the vet in the evening...first day at the clinic...second day at the clinic


Baby pictures...