Coral/Hana  Adopted!
On 11/22/09, Coral was found living near a Biwako fishing area, which is a new TNR project site at 12 weeks of age.  She had an upper respiratory infection at intake, and has recovered, but still has a bit of a sniffle sometimes.
Coral was spayed on December 19th. She is a very friendly kitty, and she really loves to be held or petted. Coral was adopted with Gil in Tokyo on October 31st, 2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

12/12/10 - Hana and Gil are doing wonderfully. They're completely settled into the apartment. They are eating their food without nearly as many problems as when they first arrived.  The last time we had an "incident" was when Gil broke into a bag of crab treats and ate the whole bag. :\  Anyway, I've since switched from Science Diet to Iams, and I think they like it better. That's good news for me since Iams is cheaper, haha! Gil is a talkative boy who likes to make it known when he's craving attention.  Hana and Gil are still getting along with each other well: they like to sleep, eat, and play together.  Their favorite thing to do nowadays is to sleep under the warm air of my heater I've had a few friends come over to visit the cats.  They're a little wary of strangers at first, watching people but staying out of reach.  It doesn't take them very long to warm up, though.  Within minutes Gil is usually meowing for some loving and rubbing against people's legs. I'm not planning on doing anything major for the holidays this year, so it's nice to have some family members to spend them with. :)

11/7 - Gil and Coral are doing very well in their new home.  I've been able to leave them at my apartment when I go to work without coming home to any unfortunate surprises.  They greet me at the door when I come home (as long as they're not half-asleep on the couch) and love to cuddle with me at every opportunity.  Thankfully, Coral's vomiting less and less. I think she's getting used to the food and the routine of being fed at certain times of the day. I'm careful not to give them too much food at once, because that's when Coral tends to upset her stomach by eating too much at once. Gil is very curious and comes running to where I am if he hears anything interesting, and he's always trying to get in between me and my laptop. I have a few more photos up of them on my flickr account. By the way, I'm now calling Coral "Hana".  Perhaps Coral can be her legal name, since that's what's on her vaccination certificate. :)

11/1/10 - Hello there, just sending out a little update on Coral and Gil! I thought about restricting them to just one room for a day or two, but they were keen on exploring the rest of the apartment. It's been a day since they've arrived and they're already acting like they own the place.  They're the two most affectionate cats I've had the pleasure of meeting.  Gil is always very eager to be rubbed and petted, and the both of them love to cuddle up next to me when I'm in bed. They're using their litter box properly and eating the Science Diet (hairball prevention type) that I gave them, although they don't eat much.  Gil is perfectly alright, but Coral threw up her kibble a few hours ago.  There was nothing but kibble in her puke so I'm not sure why her stomach got upset.  Stress?  Overeating?  Debbie did warn me about their sensitive tummies.  I don't think there are any harmful substances she could have gotten into in the apartment, so maybe I'll just try rationing their food a bit and see what happens.  Other than that little episode she seems perfectly healthy.   I'll be sure to let you know if any other problems arise, but at this point I'm willing to say that she just got a little overexcited.
Thanks for allowing me to meet these wonderful animals!  You can see the photos I've taken of them here on my flickr account