At only 6 weeks of age, Dayan was taken to Animal Control to be destroyed, along with his four siblings, one of whom died at the animal control facility.  On June 7, JCN was able to intervene, thanks to a new partnership program in which we help to rescue surrendered kittens. Upon arrival, Dayan and his brother, Daniel, and sisters, Dixie and Dolly, were all seriously malnourished, and were found to have contracted Parvo virus while at the animal conrol facility. All were treated and Dayan was able to recover, but sadly, 2 of his siblings did not. Dayan is named for his soft furry stripes, looking much like the popular character from the mythical land of Wachifield. He's a very friendly kitten that loves to be held and petted. He and sister Dixie make a nice pair! They are currently staying in a foster home in Tokyo, and can also be available for adoption in other locations. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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1/17/11 - All is excellent with us. Both cats (now Genki and Panda) are doing great! Genki (Dixie) is very energetic and very curious but also unbelievably loving and intelligent cat. Panda (Dayan) is like Garfield; loves to eat, he sings whole arias every morning when he is hungry .He is so cutte . They have great time together.
I have spoken to my friend and neighbours and all are very glad to help when we travel,by taking care of cats.
All in all everything is great. They are pure joy to us.

11/26/10 - I can understand that you miss them as they are so cute that,  I as well have become addicted to them! Dixie is full of energy and a lap cat, Dayan is like little panda-baby very relaxed.

11/25/10 - Dayan´s eye infection is rapidly improving. I bought them also some toys so they won´t be bored when alone.
Here I send you some pictures that i took tonight.

11/23/10 - Both of them are doing great, although Dayan has the ongoing eye infection and I was worried about that.I began to treat it with chamomile tea and some antibiotic ointment and its getting better day by day.