December Photos  
Penny, spreading Christmas cheer (see the not so cheerful)...Pumpkin apprehensive about the first snow...Gil and Marlin enjoying an indoor snuggle in the kitten room, which is always full of activity!


Gil and Nemo hanging out near the ceiling...Wybie jumping from the tower...Gil trying to get in on some kitten play with Alex and Salem


When the bigger kittens aren't snuggling in their warm buckets, they use the kitty door to come inside to enjoy the heater.


The little kittens have also started venturing out into the enclosure during playtime.


Growing kittens sure do eat A LOT! Thankfully, we received some nice food donations this month...2 cases and several bags of Friskies; 4 big boxes packed full of an assortment of adult dry cat food, kitten milk, and canned kitten food; a ¥12,000 donation from a fisherman, targeted towards food for the biwako kittens (we shopped the Nyan-Nyan sale on the 22nd, and got an additional 20%!), and a couple of bags full of canned cat food that Gina brought us when she and her mother visited. We also received several cash donations this month, which we used to place a big online kitten food order to be delivered in January. 


Newbies from Biwako, Bruce and Nigel
...good news about an orphan kitten rescue that we helped with...our once a week cleaning volunteer makes the enclosures sparkle.


We Saw Yumi on one of her rare out and abouts. She's a semi-feral cat of ours that was adopted by a local woman, who is working hard to socialize her.


Wednesday, Hansel, and Josie found new homes...
Josie was adopted by our super foster mom, Gina, who stopped by to visit Alex!


Rose and Daisy (Poppy's sisters) came back for a visit, while Amanda was traveling...Tricky returned from his long stay at the vet's clinic (the one on the left is his pretend friend and bunk mate, while at the clinic!). 


We lost Seagull, our poor little sick one from the lake...we loved her so, while she was with us.


We also lost dear Birdie to Chronic Renal Failure related to FIV. With us from the early days here at JCN, she looked a lot like a little baby bird when we found her--long wobbly neck and round little belly. She continued to live up to her name by "chirping" at visitors, from her special perch in the garden. FIV is a particular problem among Japan's stray and abandoned cat population, but we are working to wipe it out with spay/neuter campaigns.


From our ARK Christmas visit...This is Cheek, a very sweet poodle rescued from a sad inbreeding situation...these are ARK's newly rescued goats.


Elizabeth made a big Christmas dinner at her place, which we enjoyed with our animal welfare working friends. We had a really nice time!


We ate our dinner by candle light and played Scrabble afterward--Elizabeth, an avid crossworder as well, won! Sherri and Takashi dropped me off and kindly brought some cat food by on their way back. They ended up leaving ARK with an extra poodle (guess who!).