Himawari  Adopted!
On Thursday September 30, Himawari and his 2 siblings were found outside a company building in Hikone, at 6 weeks of age. They were nervous about being handled at first but are warming up everyday. Himawari is the leader of this crew and has cute expresive eyes. He and his brother Tampopo, and sister Sakura stayed in a foster home in Hikone, and all were adopted together on October 31st, 2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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11/2/10 - The shy one (Tampopo) is doing pretty well actually! He came out from hiding pretty easily and doesnt go back into hiding unless his siblings arent around. He's running around beneath my chair as we speak :) The other two have no hesitation coming out to play and eat, and Sakura willingly jumps into our laps to be cuddles. Himawari will too, if he sees Sakura getting all the attention, but Tampopo needs a little convincing first. He'll just sit nearby and meow for a moment before letting us approach. But once he gets in the lap, he relaxes quickly. Not as fast as the other two, but it's a relief none the less.

11/2/10 - Hello :) The kittens are surprisingly running around, eating, and playing, and they found a little hiding spot under a high cabinet by the bed where they seem to go when they want their privacy. :) They easily crawl into our laps and fall asleep within minutes~ We're very happy to add them to the family. :)

Thanks very much!