Jack  Adopted!
Jack was rescued from a Hikone TNR site, and came to JCN on October 17, at around 7 weeks of age. He came from a group of 9 kittens rescued, and it's unclear which of the kittens are siblings. He was neutered on February 9. Jack is an adorable kitten, and a bit small for his age.  He can be a little shy when you first meet him, but will quickly warm up once he gets to know you.  He gets along well with other cats, and has become close friends with his foster sister, Candy.  He is playful, and is happiest sleeping next to 'his people' at night. Jack was adopted in Hokkaido on July 28. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.
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1/28/11 - -21 outside, but plus 20 something on the heated floor. Happy Jack!!

1/19 - He is getting BIG!! His hobbies are eating, sleeping (on the heated floor) under the bed and wrestling with Bomber. We haven't checked his weight, but he is surely over 4kg's now. Compared to Bomber's 6, he is still relatively small, but he's trying to catch up. He is pretty darn cute when I go upstairs in the morning to get their food out. It's like he hasn't been fed in months when he cries out, "otooooooosan. essa chodai!!!". He lets me pet him after I feed him and occasionally when he's sleeping on Maiko's stomach. He's momma's boy, tho, so......I still have my Bomber. ;)

9/25/10 - Jack voluntarily sat in my lap last night. Yep! I think it's safe to say he has adjusted to his new home, big bro and "staff" (Maiko & I). :)

9/23/10 - After 2 months, all is good in the new hood!!

9/15/10 - Toby Weymiller Jack & I had a breakthrough last night at about 2:30am. I got up to use the facilities and saw him & Bomber sleeping on our oversized chair. I sat down and we spent about 10~15 minutes petting, purring & talking to each other. This morning, he came over for some more. Yep, that's my hand. ;)

9/8/10 - Things are getting better & better here. We are able to pet him a few times/day and he often crawls on me in the middle of the night lookin for some lovin. ;) I hope Candy starts to get better soon, as well. Proof shot taken shortly after I posted the below pic. :)

8/22 - Captain Jack is loving his new Bomber. ;)

8/15 -  Just so you know, I AM trying to get good photos for you. I had a great opp this morning, but they bolted as soon as they knew they'd been spotted (that's happening a lot lately). It was so cute, tho. They were on the chest behind the bed so all I could see were their heads and then Bomber started licking Jack's face!! Aww....

8/15 - Looking good in the new neighborhood!! ;)

7/31 - "The first two days were rough as he hid and then slowly started to come out at night to explore his new digs. Yesterday, I went to a kids "camping" event and wasn't home.  However, Maiko, my wife, said that Bomber and Jack chilled out in the same location (a somewhat hidden place still) and Jack also walked right past Bomber once without giving much thought to him. So.....the two cats seems to get along fine.  That was a big step.  Jack is starting to adventure and explore more of the (big) house so being totally comfortable at all times in his new home is the next big step...."


Jack in his foster home...

At the shelter...