Kyu  Adopted!
On May 11, 2009, Kyu was found in a shed with her mother and 5 siblings at 4 days of age. Her feral mother, Nozomi, has since been spayed and released. She is a mild mannered and loving kitten. She was adopted in Tokyo on June 27, 2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates, and helping to save lives!
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11/22 - I hope you enjoy the Kyu photos!! She is doing great here with us, recently got to know my husband a little more since he returned from deployment. She wasted NO time hopping in the bed to give him some cuddles! She is very affectionate all the time, with all of us. Each time we come home, Margot says "Kyu! We're home!" then she goes to find her, and tells me where she is :) Margot just loves her cuddle time with Kyu, loves her getting up on her lap. It's a morning thing she'll ask me to help her with (getting Kyu situated). She's still a good eater and a great playmate! Loves to bat around little baby play mice. She got her first Christmas present from my mom back home, an early one and got a lovely snowman stocking as well! Can't wait to hang them, she enjoyed watching us set up our tree and decorations, then enjoyed thinking more on what the Christmas tree actually was! We are so happy to have her with us now, and happy that we'll all 4 be together during the holidays and thankful for the feline companionship :) Thanks Japan Cat Network!!

7/3 - Sorry for the delay in making an update email with pictures to include, but here it is! Kyu has adapted really really well, eats, uses the litterbox, no accidents and her and Margot are doing very well too. She's a very cuddley girl, loves to snuggle and has come out of my room and adventures a lot now since my last email. Today I moved her litterbox to the laundry room where it's new home will be, no top yet, waiting till she gets used to it in there first. Doing well with her food too. Seems to enjoy coming and going from room to room. Margot was sick the past couple of days too and Kyu even came into her room to check things out and see how she was. We all are having a great connection! So the pictures I attached I thought were good at showing how she's adjusting, the eating picture and the one exploring behind the TV and of course look for more on my facebook :)