Lilly was rescued from a woman trying to dispose of live kittens by throwing them into the river. She was rescued with 4 siblings, 1 of which didn't survive. Lilly is a bit shy, and would do best if adopted or fostered along with her sister Iris. Both of these girls love attention, once they warm up to a person. Lilly  was born sometime in 2006, and her siblings at the shelter are IrisAlice, and Hiko. She and her sister Iris tried life in a foster placement and were unable to successfully adjust. Though these two girls absolutely love attention here at the shelter, they became nervous and unable to socialize outside the environment that they know best. Both girls are now back at the shelter and seem to prefer the life that they have here, for now. JCN has other kitties that are longing for a home experience. Volunteers regularly bring kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.
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6/1 - I am pleased to say that the girls used the box twice in the past 24 hours and ate the wet food. They also seemed to have played a little bit, or at least stretched their legs, because a box was used as a claw-sharpener and some of the books in the room were pushed over. Yay, progress! Now I just need to get them more used to me, and maybe to drink some more water! I will keep you posted. :)

5/31 - I am sorry to say that they have not done any of those things. Not even one peep out of them, no food, no water. They also hiss and growl at me if I try to pet them, and are still hiding. Perhaps tomorrow or later tonight they will finally be able to eat or at least drink something! I will just go in every once in awhile, and I left a t-shirt of mine in there so they can get used to my scent. Let me know if you have any other tips!