Magic/Macaron Adopted!
On June 27, at only 5 weeks of age, Magic and her sisters, Pastel and Mikan, were rescued after having been caught in a sticky mouse trap.  Upon arrival, Magic was covered in fleas and mouse trap glue, but has since been treated for both. and has become a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten.   All three sisters are loving, friendly, and very playful! Magic was adopted in Tokyo with her sister Mikan, on August 15, 2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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2/20/11 - They had their spay operation on January 27th(check at pictures!). They were a bit dizzy the few days but they totally recovered and are now jumping everywhere as usual.
They weight 3 kilos each. But still small. They are always together. And we love them so much! I really hope that pastel will find an adoptive family.

10/17/10 - Kitties are just getting sweeter and sweeter and more cuddle and hug loving! it got also a bit easier to sleep in the same rooms...less fight in the middle of the night!
I forgot to tell you last time that both of them and especially Macaron, really loves water and that they love playing with it, whether it is the water from the bath, sink or even ...toilet!
 here are some new pictures!

9/20 - Everything is going well. We are taking good care of them and they are taking good care of each other. We just got them a cat tower today! We also took them for their first vaccin and before they had a good bath. We will take them again to the vet this week. Their weight is about 2kilos. Macaron loves to come and cuddle us in the morning by waking us up first with bitting our feet! She is the most courageous and daring: she met 2 weeks ago with a boxer dog and wanted to play with her! she is also very friendly. Mikan on the other hand, she is a real "kuishinbo", and eats a lot, even Macaron's food!
 It is pure happiness.
08/15 - Just wanted to send you already some pics of our babies! We kept the mane of Mikan but changed Magic into Macaron to make her a colorful girl!
We are so happy we got them. We will take good care of them and keep you updated!