A volunteer found Marylebone as a tiny kitten, in an area where cats were being trapped for spay and neuter. She was bottle fed by the volunteer and accepted into a JCN foster home at 10 weeks of age on June 13. Marylebone is a happy and pretty little girl. She's a talker and loves to communicate with her human or cat companions. After staying in foster care in Osaka, then at the JCN Kansai shelter with her sister Chelsea, both girls have gone on to stay in foster care in Tokyo, and can also be available for adoption in other locations. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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1/23/11 - She's such a sweety

11/14/10 - It's getting chillier at night here in Tokyo and Chelsea and Marley love to cuddle and get warm, they are so cute! During the day the weather is still nice so sometimes I open the door and let them look outside. Chelsea likes to be held up high enough so she can watch the cars go by. They love playing with each other and taking naps in their fluffy cat bed. They are both very inquisitive and like to see what I am up to. Chelsea helped me make banana bread the other day :)

11/3/10 - The girls finally held still long enough for me to get some good pictures of them so I thought I'd send them along for you to use on the website. They really are a pair!

11/2/10 - I'm writing with one hand as I figure out how to balance two sleepy kitties on my lap :) They have both adjusted very well and are using the cat box and scratching pad.
I think they have explored every inch of my apartment and like to chase each other and play in the living room and come running to the door when I get home.
 I took a few pictures that I can send when I load them onto the computer.

Foster note: Maryle enjoys watching TV.