Dasher/Merlin    Adopted!
At only 4 weeks of age, Merlin was found with his siblings in an Osaka parking lot. All were very ill with upper respiratory infections, and needed to be nursed back to health. The adult cats in the area will be part of a new TNR project. Merlin and his brother Tynan, along with sisters Lace, Magic and Ninja, all stayed in foster care with their rescuer in Osaka, then Ninja and Merlin went on to stay in foster care in Hirakata. Merlin was adopted in the Tokyo area with foster mate Ninja on February 12, 2011. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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2/27/11 - Its been two weeks since we adopted them and now we have Merlin and Ninja (affectionately renamed Dasher and Klarice) exploring all the nooks of our house.  They hid for the first two days and then suddenly decided they were happy here.  We enjoy their company and their sibling antics!  The guest room is their favorite spot as they love staring down at the treetops and getting excited over the birds.  It also a great spot for people and puppy watching!  All three kids love the kittens, adopting them has given them a common enjoyment.  The process has been great.  Thanks so much!

2/14/11 - Hi!  I would love to send you pictures, but I have not actually SEEN the cats since they got here! I know where they are, they are safe behind the couch, but inaccessible.  I can see them. One crept out tonight while my husband and I were doing some computer work, but crept back in.  Baby steps!  We are taking them to the vet tomorrow so we will have to fish them out. They use the litter box when no one us around and have been eating well as far as I can tell.  I imagine they do a lot if exploring while we are at work/school.

......................Adopted with Merlin 2/12/11......................

12/1/10 - Merlin is a sweet, easy-going kitty with the cutest, perfectly-round little pot belly!  He loves sitting on my lap and also loves sitting on my shoulder.  At night he sleeps with me, snuggling up to my side and during the day he loves playing with his sister, Ninja.