Mocha  Adopted!
In early June 2010, Mocha was found at around 6 weeks of age living near an office building with his siblings and feral mom. A volunteer trapped the mom for spay and returned her, after rescuing the 2 kittens that could be caught--Mocha and his brother Macchi. Mocha has blue eyes and cream-colored fur with mocha-colored accents. He is a lovely quiet boy who loves to play. Mocha was adopted in Tokyo on September 19. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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10/28/10 - The boys are doing really well. I have new name for Macchi as well now I call him Simba. He is a very sweet cat he wants to be on my lap all the time and they both sleep with me every night. Now they both are on  BARF Diet. And yes I'd love to adopt Simba as well. Thanks very much for everything. Here some pics of them.

10/17/10 - The boys are getting along really well actually they are inseparable now. Tora let me pet him and sometime sleep near me but he's still not that same friendly cat like before but since they're really happy together so I'm happy to see them happy too. I've attached some pics of them.

9/21- Me and Mocha get along very well actually last night he slept with me on the bed I'm so happy that he adapt to his new life with me so fast : ) About Macchi I'll be happy to adopt him as well if his adoptive family decide to let him go. These are some pictures of Mocha and I'm thinking of changing his name to Tora cuz in some picture of his he really look like tiger. Goshhhh I'm so in love with him. Thanks again for everything.

9/19 - Thanks very much for the info and for giving me Mocha. Mocha is really adorable!!!!! He's so friendly..he's been walking after me wherever I go. The only thing I'm worry about is that he haven't used toilet yet since he's here but he's been eating and drink lots of water. Will keep you posted...maybe he just doesn't feel comfortable with the new toilet yet.
Thanks again for everything I'm really happy to have him.