New Rescues

1/4/11 - 3 kittens rescued from a train station near the Suita TNR site. Trapped and brought to JCN Kansai shelter. Gemma, Pebbles, and Barney are around 4 months old and somewhat unsocialized.
Taking 3 cats in traps back to the shelter, using the train...
1/3/11 - 2 kittens rescued from Suita TNR site, which the site manager recently found abandoned. Zelda and Taiyo were not initially friendly enough to be picked up, so needed trapping. Zelda had an upper respiratory infection and a sore throat, making it hard for her to swallow. She is thin, but is eating well now and should soon be at a normal weight.                    

2 White kittens found living near the garbage area of a large supermarket. No sign of the mother cat. Kittens were trapped late on the night of 11/12/10, and brought directly to the shelter. Both kittens were initially very fearful, very dirty (exhaust from the busy road near the supermarket?), and thin. Their fur is long and contains traces of flea dirt, though no excessive scratching. Both were able to eat immediately, and to use the litter box. One has more signs of discharge around the eye area, and that kitten is also a little more fearful. Both appear to be female, though now being handled on a limited basis in order to reduce stress. Will go to vet for check/treatment Monday morning, 11/15.

Vet check, and nothing unusual...parasite check, eye meds, and Revolution. Playing in cage last night and licked hand this morning, so definitely warming up to life inside.

Met with foster mom, and agreed to hand over for foster care on Wednesday, 11/17

11/17 (to foster home!)




11/13, intake 12:30am