Oliver  Adopted!
On October 11, at around 6 weeks of age, Oliver was found abandoned near the JCN Kansai shelter. By the time he was seen and caught, he was emaciated, dehydrated, and in a traumatized state, crying and moving around constantly. He's luckily making a recovery now, and has relaxed into a much happier kitty. Oliver is a friendly little boy, who loves to snuggle near people. He was adopted on December 19 in Tokyo with Caylee. Oliver's foster mom helped get him into his forever home by making pages for Shima and Oliver. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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12/27/10 - They are doing really well.... It took less than a day for them to start liking each other and they are attached at the hip now:) They are going to the vet tomorrow.  I just wanted to bring them in and make sure that they got looked at and everything was ok:)  They seem to have adjusted very well to their new home.  Caylee has calmed down SO much since she got here.  She is very affectionate and everyone that comes over is so excited to play with her!  Oliver has really come out of his shell... he follows me around everywhere I go.  If he isn't by me he is sacked out in the bed..... It is his favorite spot!  They are super cute....  I will send you some new pics of them:)  

12/20/10 - Good morning! Just wanted to give you an update on the kitties:) they are both doing amazing..... Oliver was a little shy when he first got there.  Caylee took to the house and myself right away though:) she is a little bit of a crazy cat!!!! Anytime she sees me she launches up and jumps on me:) I could tell Oliver wanted to come over but he is shy when she is around:) After a couple hours he got over that though and has been following me around ever since:) if I leave the room and they don't see me they start crying and then running all over looking for me:) last night they both slept in my bed.... Caylee likes to lay directly on my face.... She has to he touching me at all points in time. Oliver was laying on my feet. He tried to come up by my head but saw her and changed his mind:) They are getting alot closer already.   And this morning they sat in the bathroom and helped me get ready:) Let me know if you need any more info from them!!! Have a great day!

(moved from foster home to adoptive home on December 19, 2010)

10/31/10 - The kitties are settled into their room. They've both used the litter box and Shima especially was voracious. They polished off the dry food I had out in a few hours so I refilled the bowl and halved a packet of wet food between them. They seem to get on with each other pretty well- they were all snuggled up together in the cat carrier. Both of them jump on me when I come in the room and are exhibiting normal kitten behavior. Oliver is still sneezing, but he loves the toys he has.