Opie was found behind a grocery store in Shiga on December 12. Around the average size of a 3 or four month old,  he's actually 7 or 8 months old, but has likely suffered from malnutrition all of his life. Opie's tail is paralyzed, probably from being hit by a car, and his spinal cord has suffered enough trauma to cause incontinence but not enough to limit his walking ablility. Opie is a sweet quiet boy. Though he requires several baths a day, he's a very good sport and really loves drying out in front of the heater afterward. It must have been terrible for him to always be wet when he was living on the streets, now that the weather has turned cold! Opie has seen a specialist, by way of help from Animal Friends Niigata, and he is staying there while they continue to find a way to best help him acheive a normal lifestyle. JCN is helping to look for a sponsor or two that can cover the expenses of Opie's care. Feel free to contact us and we will pass the word along to the folks at Animal Friends.

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1/20/11 - Everyone here loves Opie, as he's such a character! We apply pressure to empty his bladder several times a day, which helps him stay comfortable and allows him to spend time moving freely about the office area. He's quite comfortable with his warm bed and regular meals!

1/3/11 - Surgery on Opie's tail went well!

Opie at Animal Friends Niigata

Opie's new short tail