Fantasia  Adopted!
Fantasia was found huddled outside a bank near a TNR project area. It's unknown how long she had been in that location, but she was in terrible shape when a volunteer found her. Much of her skin had been eaten away by scabies, and her fur had become sparse due to the resulting skin damage. More info and pictures of fantasia in the early days and after she was doing better. Fantasia was adopted by her foster family in Tokyo on October 18, 2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.
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10/18 - Me and my husband finally decided to not only foster fantasia but adopt her finally. she has a brother and sister now and is one happy little cat. i cut her fur on regular basis because she gets a lot of hairballs and looses a lot of fur if i dont. now she is even happily grooming herself all the time which she didnt did before. she is living in a 56 Squarmeter apartment now and will get a scratching tree soon (she hates sharing but thats what you get if you have siblings ^^)
Thanks to everyone who helped saving our little fachan. She is a living proof that every little catlife is worth saving

Best wishes
Chiara, Takeshi, Hide, Luthien and happy new forever family member Fa-chan

9/25/10 - Hahaaaahhaaa!!! I catched Luthien and Fantasia! They secretly getting along ^^! Theyare evenholding tails ^.~

9/22/10 -  fantasia grew into a really beautiful and lovely kitty since she is here(also i have to admit she can be quite bitchy from time to time.... but this case she is like her mom^^). her skin recovered to 90% and her fur grew sohealthyandinsane thati decided to cut it shorter because itwas impossible for her to groom even if i brushed her once a day and everywhere she sat was comepletely white. but i think with thenew haircut she even looks cute. like a crazy little teddybear. i call her only "baerchen" at the moment, which means "little bear" in german^^

8/2/10 - The story about my little foster kitty Fantasia. She was found half dead on the street by a volunteer of Japan Cat Net and grew into a beautiful, nice and awsome little cat.


Fantasia--life as a princess, in her new foster home and with her new foster mom! Fantasia on Twitter...