Scooby/Tora  Adopted!
A JCN volunteer found Scooby abandoned in a parking lot in Omihachiman Shiga, on October 23. At around 4 months old, he was friendly, very hungry, and crying for assistance. He has been treated for an upper respiratory infection, has settled in nicely, and is a happy playful boy. He was neutered on 11/10. Scooby was adopted in Tokyo on 2/14/2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.
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4/18/10 - I feel so lucky and my life changed when i got scooby! hes special! hes growing in size and confidence-he has many fans!

4/16/10 - i will take some more pictures of Tora -hes doing good

3/21/10 - everything seems fine he is such a lovely kitten :)

3/3/10 - I chose a new name for scooby Tora!