University TNR project in Suita
Thanks to Gina and Christine, these kitties have a much better chance at life, and there will be fewer young kittens suffering this spring! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping them out with this project, or in starting a Trap/Neuter/Return project of your own.

1/3/11 - Trapped and rescued 2 new young abandoned...calico around 3 months old and ginger/white around 8 months old. Calico with upper respiratory symptoms, including sore throat and difficulty swallowing. Both somewhat unsocialized but able to be touched without biting or scratching.

12/27/10 - Here is some more information Tom sent about the cats.

#1 is the one I call Jade.  I don't see any bald patches so maybe it
healed on its own.  I will look at her (or maybe she's actually a him)
when I visit.  She is older so I don't know if she would adapt to
living indoors but she seems laid back and friendly.

#2 is Mario and #3 is Peach.  I think they are a bit younger than Tom
says since we thought they were probably 5 months when we got them

#4 is Daisy.  We got her spayed around the same time as Mario and
Peach so I think she is the same age.

#5 and #6 are the new ones.

I am thinking about how to evaluate their friendliness.  I am sure I
could trap a couple of them even though they have been trapped before,
because they kept getting in the way when we were trying to trap the
cats that live nearby but don't always hang out in that area.  I
didn't interact with them much when I TNRed them but maybe I could get
them a checkup at the vet and the vet and I could see how tame they
were in the office.

Jade and Mario are pretty tame but Peach and Daisy are shy.  I think
they must have been abandoned because all the older female cats had
been spayed.  Maybe it's a gender thing, since if Jade is actually
male it is the males who are less shy.

6/11/10 - Well, today was an unsuccessful day.  I set out the trap in the same parking lot where I almost caught the tabby-with-white-feet last week (above the bicycle parking lot and across the little road), but no cats came into the parking lot at all.  I did see Jade, Samus, Peach, and Daisy down in the bicycle parking lot.
Current status of cats:
Spayed before we started: Samus, Jade
Spayed and neutered by us: Mario, Peach, Daisy
Still need spaying and neutering: Tabby-with-white-feet, orange tabby,
possibly another orange tabby (an employee said there were two orange

At least one of the orange ones comes into the bicycle parking lot sometimes, but we failed to trap him because Mario kept eating the bait before he could work up the courage.  The tabby with white feet never comes to the bicycle parking lot that I know of but I have seen him walking around the other parking lots above the cliff on two occasions.


Here is a photo of white-feet from last week.

4/7/10 - Here are some photos of the other cats at the site!  One photo might be a weird format because it was too dark for photos and I had to capture it from a video.  "Mario's friends" is the two who are already fixed, and I believe one of them is also on the motorcycle in the dark.


4/5/10 - Here is the young gray and white male we caught on March 30th.  He was neutered on the 31st and released on April 1.  We called him Mario, to start with a video game theme, and we plan to call his sister Peach. 

The remaining cats are at least three: Mario's twin sister, a small brown tabby, and an orange one.  That excludes the two who are already fixed, a large brownish-gray tabby and a gray tabby with white legs and chest.