Tokyo Trip 11/21 - 24/10
Day 1 Kitties on a train...Dixie angry (not to be riding in Green Car?)...complained non-stop, which landed us in between cars...Dayan nonplussed.

Dixie and Dayan dropped off at new foster home...

What, me worry?

Yes! Knew I'd be suited to Life of Riley!

Benji (not a peep on train) out for a bit, then to meet Snells.

Finally arrive at Cheryl's to stay with her and family....

Relaxing garden views that even kitty sunny enjoys!

Day 2 out to visit Oliver and Shima...happy kitties!

Shima went to her adoptive home the following day.

Oliver barely noticed me, loving his new foster mom!

Great toys!

Hisashiburi Kafka and Ghana!

These kitties go for walks on harnesses and leads!

Shopping for shelter stuff & making wish list at Costco

(outdoor enclosure for Kitties?)

Day 3 Yokohama....Meet Hayasaka sensei and visit NPO support center....sightseeing around Yokohama...boat ride, China town, shopping center for gifts...visit friends on base

Day 4 Meeting in Kawasaki...pick up Chelsea before taking train back to Shiga

Krispy Kreme donuts as gifts for students

Popular souvenirs...I saw another woman carrying 3 boxes at our shinkansen station when I got off the train!

Chelsea not a happy train rider

Uh-oh...Chelsea, stop looking so suspicious!

A phone AND a cat toy

Train traveling no prob!