Tricky/Midnight Adopted!
Tricky was rescued from a Hikone TNR site, and came to JCN on October 15, at around 6 weeks of age. He came from a group of 9 kittens rescued, and it's unclear which of the kittens are siblings. Tricky is the smallest of his group, and had some upper respiratory symptoms with eye discharge, when rescued. He stayed for a while at the veterinary clinic in Kansai, to be treated for a bacterial infection, but has now recovered. He was neutered on February 9. Tricky was adopted with Gretel in Tokyo on 2/14/2010. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.
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2/17 - Things are going really well considering Marilyn and Midnight were put into a totally different atmosphere than what they are used to.  Midnight is very loving and all over the place.  Marilyn is still a little shy but plays when things calm down.  We are loving being able to watch them play!!!  Midnight has not fetched for us yet but I have no doubt that he will in time.  If he hears paper being crumpled up he is right there to check it out.  Here are our newest pictures!!!!

2/15 - Tricky/Midnight is proving to be quite the character.  He has cracked us up for the last 2 hours with his playing antics!!!!  Gretel/Marilyn is still very timid but is slowly coming out to see what Midnight is making such a fuss about!!!!!  It looks like a cat toy Aisle blew up in our living room hahaha.

2/14 - Thank you guys for everything!!!!  Our family finally feels complete.  :0)  Here are some pics from today.  Of course Gretel started playing as I was uploading these pictures so I have more pictures and when I get a few more the next couple of days I will email them to you.


Photos from Tricky's time back at the shelter for his neuter surgery...


Photos from Tricky's foster home...