Uhura/Cattila  Adopted!
On May 13, Uhura was taken to an animal control center to be destroyed, along with her sisters Christine and Jamie, and brothers Chekov, Tiger, and Spock. JCN was able to intervene, thanks to a new partnership program in which we help to rescue surrendered kittens associated with TNR projects. At only 3 weeks of age upon intake, Uhura and her siblingshad some difficulty eating on their own, so the spay of their feral mother was delayed and she was brought in to help care for the kittens. Mom has now been spayed and returned. Uhura (now Cattila) was adopted by her foster care giver in Osaka, along Chekov. JCN regularly brings kittens and cats to the Kanto area for adoption and fostering. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting available candidates.

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9/13 - It has been 2 months since Chekov and Cattila (Uhura) have come to my house. The first week was a little bit strange for them; I believe they missed the others cats and they were hidden under the bed most of time. Slowly, after eating I play with them and they started to enjoy being around with me. After 1 week, they already decided which places of the house was the best for morning, afternoon and night-sleep. It was very interesting to see the cycle of places they follow. Since I bought a cat-shelf, they sleep there in the evening when I am working to be nearby. Lately, the computer table just beside me had become the newest favorite place. I tickle them from time to time while working and that is why nearby is better! Chekov & Cattila play a lot; they are very very friendly to each other. Also, when one is crying (they usually cry a little when I clean them because they don’t like) the other come quickly to see what is going on and/or help!? At night, when I go to bed, Chekov enjoys the bedside table while Cattila likes to be on the bed. Chekov is very fast in everything he does (eating, playing, running, toilet….) while Cattila is very delicate and slower motion. But when they fight/play twisting in the kitchen rug, she is the dominant one. Chekov had grown up faster than Cattila, now he weighs 600g more than her. Quite a super-cat, isn’t it? Third week of September, Chekov will be spayed. The Vet recommends waiting a little more for Cattila because she has a small body and maybe October will be time for Cattila. Two days ago a very interesting happened, I was watching the YouTube video of Nimai that Gina posted, and when Nimai meows, Chekov and Cattila literally jumped from their cat-stand to the floor and starting searching for Nimai, and meowing also. I played the video again and again, and then had to stop, otherwise my two blackies would go crazy that night. Sorry for the late update and until next time.